Thursday, June 28, 2012

We Need Your Feedback! CalRecycle Draft Report - California's Goal of Recycling 75% of Solid Waste by 2020

BOMA San Francisco Members:

Through the enactment of AB 341 in 2011, the California Legislature and Governor Jerry Brown set a state goal of recycling 75% of solid waste by 2020.

In an effort to meet this goal, the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, or CalRecycle, was tasked with preparing a report - to be submitted to the Legislature on our before January 1, 2014 - which will focus on suggested strategies to achieve the state’s policy goal.

Click here for a copy of the draft work plan released by CalRecycle.  This initial document has identified a number of strategies that CalRecyle deems as critical for reaching the 75% goal: increasing recycling infrastructure, increasing commercial recycling and extended producer responsibility.

CalRecyle is soliciting input on the major suggestions identified in this initial draft.  Our BOMA California advocates have asked the Department for an extension of time to do so and have been given an extra 15 days to provide comments.  Please share this document with your colleagues so that they may be able to review and provide guidance for our industry's position.  Please have them submit their feedback to Matthew Hargrove at by July 6.

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