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UPDATE: June 5, 2012 VOTER GUIDE - BOMA SF-PAC Candidate Endorsements & Positions on City Propositions

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BOMA San Francisco Members:

UPDATE - June 21, 2012

The recent June 5th primary election lived up to the widely-held prediction that voter turnout would be very low.  Indeed, less than 24% of registered San Francisco voters participated in their civic duty. Nevertheless, your BOMA SF-PAC board members practiced due diligence and informed the BOMA San Francisco membership - and the San Francisco electorate - of the association's endorsed candidates for elected positions and initiatives on the June 5th ballot.

With regard to the relatively obscure San Francisco Democratic Central County Committee (DCCC), BOMA's support of fair-minded candidates appeared to resonate with voters.  

On the west side of the City (Assembly District 19) , we supported 7 of the 10 candidates who where successful. Three of the BOMA supported candidates were not incumbents (Kat Anderson, Meagan Levitan, and Trevor McNeil), while four incumbents we supported were DCCC veterans (Mary Jung, Tom Hsieh, Bill Fazio, Arlo Hale Smith).  On the east side (Assembly District 17), 6 out of the 10 candidates we supported won. (David Chiu – who was the top vote-getter, Malia Cohen, Bevan Dufty, Zoe Dunning, Leslie Katz, and Scott Wiener). 

The members of the BOMA SF-PAC feel that their endorsements in the June 5, 2012 election reflected the political tone of the San Francisco electorate and the commercial real estate industry.  


Original Post - April 30, 2012

The BOMA San Francisco Political Action Committee (BOMA SF-PAC) has endorsed candidates and taken positions on local ballot measures that will appear on the June 5, 2012 ballot:

Senator Dianne Feinstein
Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi
Congresswoman Jackie Speier
California State Senator Mark Leno
California Assembly District 17 – No Endorsement


Democratic County Central Committee – Assembly District 17 – 10 Candidates (for 14 seats)

David Chiu 
Malia Cohen 
Bevan Dufty 
Zoe Dunning
Leslie Katz
Hydra Mendoza
Marily Mondejar
Joaquin Torres
Christopher Vasquez
Scott Wiener 

Democratic County Central Committee – Assembly District 19 – 10 Candidates (for 10 seats)

Kat Anderson
Bill Fazio
Karl Hasz
Tom Hsieh
Mary Jung
Susan “Suki” Kott
Meagan Levitan
Trevor McNeill
Arlo Hale Smith
Jim Weizel

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