Wednesday, September 26, 2012

BOMA SF-PAC's 25th Anniversary

BOMA SF-PAC Founders Jerry Cahill and Tom Gille
BOMA San Francisco Members:

Thanks to everyone who attended the celebration of the BOMA San Francisco Political Action Committee's (BOMA SF-PAC) 25th anniversary recently.  BOMA SF-PAC founders Jerry Cahill and Tom Gille were thanked for their foresight and leadership in pushing for the creation of the PAC in 1987.   Thank you to Tom Hart with Shorenstein for hosting the event.

Left to right: Jim Christian, Drew Gordon, Susan Court, Michelle Donnelly, Sheila Murphy, Kathy Mattes, Jerry Cahill, Bill Whitfield, Tom Gille, Nancy Gille, Bruce Schilling, Margot Crosman, Warren Mead, Rod Collings, Mike Freeman, Frank Fudem, Marc Gille, Nick Dutto, Tom Hart, Ken Cleaveland, Marc Intermaggio, Jim Collins and Howard Fish. 

Congratulations again to Jerry Cahill and Tom Gille for being the leaders of our local political advocacy efforts and for their continued leadership in our industry. 

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