Thursday, September 13, 2012

UPDATE - City of San Francisco Implements New Rapid Entry Lock Box Program

BOMA San Francisco Members:

UPDATE - September 12, 2012

The San Francisco Fire Department has informed BOMA that the older style lock boxes are no longer secure and the Department will not access them when on seen at an incident.

The Department recommends that all keys in the lock boxes (and older lock boxes as well) be removed from buildings. 

If you are still interested in a lock box system for your building, please see the information below regarding the TRACcess lock box solution.

Original Post - October 12, 2010

The San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) has implemented a new upgraded lock box system for San Francisco building owners.  The TRACcess lock box solution will provide the San Francisco Fire Department with a more effective and secure way to gain access to local businesses during unattended business hours.  This greatly enhances Fire Department response for false alarm, and/or actual fire, reducing potential building damage and waiting for building keys to arrive.  After a thorough search for a specific lock box solution that provides the greatest security, access control and access tracking, SFFD selected the TRACcess system from UTC Fire & Security Corp.

TRACcess system benefits
  • UL Listed lock box – TRAC-Vault
  • Only the Fire Department has the keys used to access the lock box (TRACkey), which are PIN coded, and can be deactivated to prevent any issue of a lost or misplaced key
  • TRACkeys record the time/date of access, allowing building owners to know when their lock box was accessed.
  • Variety of mounting/security options for building owner preference
  • When responding to alarms, the SFFD dispatch center alerts responding apparatus where a lock box is installed for quick access.
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