Tuesday, July 1, 2014

UPDATE: BOMA SF-PAC June Election Primary Update

UPDATE - July 1, 2014

BOMA San Francisco Members:

The June 3rd primary election yielded interesting results for San Francisco.

With regard to BOMA SF-PAC's endorsements (as detailed in our previous blog post, below):
  • Proposition A  passed overwhelmingly, with the support of both the business and labor communities;
  • Proposition B also passed and the voters' decision that may restrain future development on Port of San Francisco property, a limitation that BOMA and many  business and labor organizations opposed;
  • BOMA was pleased that San Francisco Board President David Chiu finish strongly in his run against San Francisco Supervisor David Campos for the California Assembly.  Your BOMA SF-PAC will continue to support Supervisor Chiu in November for the final round against his colleague at the Board of Supervisors.

Original Post - March 31, 2014

BOMA San Francisco Members:

The BOMA San Francisco Political Action Committee has been working diligently to promote good government in San Francisco.  The following is a brief update of the BOMA SF-PAC board members' efforts regarding the June 3, 2014 Statewide Direct Primary Election.  
  • Proposition B - OPPOSE
    • Waterfront Height Limit Initiative
    • Rationale
      • The initiative undermines longstanding civic planning efforts to improve the waterfront and seeks to take away uniform protections of the bay and view from the Bay Conservation and Development Commission. 
      • It jeopardizes 3,700 housing units, most of which are apartments. The City and County of San Francisco is in need of more housing to accommodate demand and to reduce the upward pressure on rents for our workforce.
      • The measure risks shorting the City some $8 billion in tax revenues from development of the waterfront and may result in losing the opportunity to create 60,000 new jobs. 

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