Monday, August 4, 2014

San Francisco Fire Department Connection (FDC) Standpipe Inlet Caps

BOMA San Francisco Members:

Please note the San Francisco Fire Department information regarding standpipe inlet caps/plugs for fire department connections (FDC).  There have been many problems reported regarding the use of red plastic FDC caps. Specifically, the threads are not compatible and they break easily.  The red FDC caps are not approved for use and need to be replaced immediately.

Here is one example:

As you can see, the lug nut is broken off of this lid, making it impossible for a wrench to grab hold of the cap to open it. In addition, SFFD personnel have had experiences with this type of cover where the cap is broken off with the threaded portion still stuck inside the inlet.

Standpipe Inlet/Cap Material

ABS plastic or brass are the correct materials of the standpipe inlet caps/plugs for listed fire department connections and outlet valves for San Francisco fittings.  If the cap is made of plastic, make sure the fitting has the 3" National Standard hose threads with approved thread pitch and diameters (NFPA 1963).  The SFFD is typically is able to remove the standard 3" black schedule 40 ABS plumbing plug without a problem as the threads typically do not bind or cross thread in the FDCs. 

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