Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cal-OSHA Maintenance Requirements For Permanent Scaffolding

Due to a number of incidents, as well as the lack of adequate inspection records involving permanently installed window washing platforms and exterior building maintenance systems, Cal-OSHA has distributed a letter detailing the annual maintenance requirements for permanently installed scaffolding systems. The letter can be viewed here. The California Code of Regulations noted in the letter, under Title 8, can be viewed by clicking on the following section numbers: 3296; 3297 ; and 3328(b).

So what's the bottom line to building owners and managers? Site inspections are no longer adequate. Annual maintenance will include removing hoists from the building to be shop tested—to the manufacture's specifications—and to have routine maintenance performed. A detailed account of this maintenance will need to be documented in the building's records.

As such, there is a need for BOMA San Francisco members to be aware of the possible increased maintenance costs from the Cal-OSHA requirements. Scaffold Inspections & Testing (S.I.T.) companies may charge more for inspections, and some manufacturers have started restricting sale of parts to other S.I.T. licensed contractors, which might require a hoist manufacturer to travel from outside the Bay Area to service the particular type of equipment. If you plan to start the bidding process for a new exterior building maintenance system, make sure your RFP includes a line item for maintenance that included the new additional maintenance requirements.

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