Friday, March 27, 2009

The Morning News Links - March 27, 2009

  • BOMA San Francisco gets some ink in today's Examiner with regard to our support of energy efficient light bulbs.
  • The hardworking Clerk of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors takes the blame for not enforcing the anti-corruption campaign finance law. Click here for the story.
  • San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera has created a Stimulus Spending Task Force. Read about it here and here.
  • Mayor Gavin Newsom is looking to expand the SF Energy Watch program to help assist more small businesses with saving energy. Please click here to read all about it.
  • If you're looking for higher taxes, then California is the state for you! Click here for the story.
  • Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger starts a task force as well: the California Federal Economic Stimulus Task Force.
  • If you are lucky enough to have the money (and a job) to purchase anything, now might be the time to do it before the April 1 statewide sales tax increase.

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