Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lights Out in Downtown San Francisco?

As you may have heard, Board of Supervisors President David Chiu (District 3) has introduced the 'lights out' measure that requires commercial buildings located in any C-3 District in San Francisco to turn off all non-essential lights after business hours. In addition, the proposal requires building owners to submit reports to the City about their buildings.

There is much to be done to improve this ordinance so that it is workable, rather than disruptive. Meanwhile, from comments posted on City Insider,, and, local sentiment is mostly unfavorable.

BOMA San Francisco has long been the leader in promoting sustainable practices in office buildings:

Our High Rise Recycling Program began in 1987 and helped bring the city to a nearly 70% waste diversion rate

BOMA San Francisco’s Earth Awards program grades building performance across critical domains such as Recycling, Composting, Waste Reduction, Toxics and Air Quality Management, Environmentally Preferable Purchasing, Energy Conservation, Water Conservation, Energy Efficient Transportation, and Tenant Education. Our April 22 Earth Awards luncheon ceremony will be held at the Hotel Nikk0.

BOMA San Francisco hosted a major Sustainability Fair this January to showcase products and practices leading to improved environmental practices in office buildings.

BOMA has created a green lease, written to engage tenants in taking more responsibility for conserving energy use within their leased premises.

BOMA’s Energy Performance Contract, designed to stimulate investment in energy saving equipment, was developed in concert with the Clinton Climate Initiative.

BOMA’s 7-Point Market Transformation Challenge was designed to reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings 30% by 2012.

Our local partnership with the US Green Buildings Council encourages our members to obtain individual LEED Accredited Professional certification, as well as to get their buildings LEED Certified.

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