Tuesday, March 31, 2009

UPDATE: Cal-OSHA Maintenance Requirements for Permanent Scaffolding

At BOMA San Francisco’s Codes & Regulations Committee meeting recently, we discussed the issue surrounding some changes with regard to permanent scaffolding (also expressed as exterior building maintenance & powered platform systems) requirements.

Here is the update from our orignial post on this issue today:

TRACTEL: If you have a Tractel scaffold and Tractel or Tyrack hoist-winder installations, the recent Cal-OSHA letter does NOT alter how maintenance is done on those scaffolds given the manufacturer’s clarification to Cal-OSHA. Thus, these hoist motors DO NOT have to be removed for the annual maintenance and there should be NO measurable change in cost to your annual maintenance, unless there are real wear and tear issues that are uncovered during the annual maintenance.

SPIDER: If you have a Spider scaffold, you have to follow the OEM requirements for maintenance and care. In the case of Spider, they do not support their systems and do not sell parts to third party providers, so it may be tough for you to fix a problem if something substantial goes wrong.

OTHER BRANDS: Building owners and mangers will be required to adhere to the Cal-OSHA standard and have the hoist motors removed from the building for the annual maintenance requirements.

Thanks to contractors like Scaffold Inspection Testing and Tractel, some necessary and appropriate clarification has been brought to light to help BOMA members understand this issue. However, requirements are requirements; it behooves you to assure that your scaffolds are being maintained in a compliant and dependable condition.

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