Tuesday, April 7, 2009

BOMA California Board of Directors Support Budget Propositions

BOMA California's Board of Directors is supporting Propositions 1A-1F on the May 19. 2009, Statewide Special Election Ballot.

You can also click here for detailed information on each proposition from the California Secretary of State, or click on the links below (courtesy of Budget Reform Now).

Proposition 1A - Rainy Day Budget Stabilization and Accountability Act

Prop 1A will stabilize budget spending over the long-term, limit state spending based on 10-year revenue trends, and mandate a bigger rainy day fund, forcing the politicians to save in good years so we have money when the economy falters. 

Proposition 1B - Protect Education Funding

Prop 1B ensures that schools receive $9.3 billion over time, so that the billions in education cuts California was forced to make during this unprecedented fiscal crisis are not permanent.

Proposition 1C - Lottery Modernization Act

Prop 1C modernizes the state lottery and brings in $5 billion to the state immediately. By updating the Lottery for the first time since 1984, the state will be able to maximize this currently underperforming asset and bring in crucial revenue for schools, public safety roads and other priorities.

Proposition 1D - Children’s Services Funding

Prop 1D temporarily redirects a portion of $2.5 billion in excess funds from a voter-approved tobacco tax. This measure redirects a portion of these funds to pay for children’s health and social services and to prevent deep cuts to kids’ healthcare and other programs while still funding the programs already supported by this revenue stream.

Proposition 1E - Mental Health Funding

Prop 1E temporarily redirects a portion of funds from the Mental Health Services Act to fund children’s health programs that are at risk of elimination due to the budget crisis, including health care screening, diagnosis and treatment.

Proposition 1F – State Officer Salary Increases

Prop 1F prohibits legislators, the Governor and other state politicians from getting pay raises whenever California is running a budget deficit.

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