Friday, April 24, 2009

Senator Mark Leno Speaks to San Francisco Democratic Clubs

Senator Mark Leno and Mike Cashion, BOMA San Francisco Member (Shorenstein Properties, LLC)

California State Senator Mark Leno spoke last night to a number of San Francisco democratic clubs on SB 810, his legislation to create single-payer health care.   You can read more about the measure and track its progress in the California State Legislature here.

What's the impact of this legislation on businesses in California?  

If SB 810 were signed into law, you would expect to see payroll taxes for employer and employees at 16 percent, combined, (10% from the employer; 6% from the employee) for the single payer costs and revenues to balance at the start of the 2011.  You can read more about this data in the California's Legislative Analyst Office's 2008 fiscal analysis of the SB 810's predecessor, SB 840, here.  Both measures are almost identical.  

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