Tuesday, September 22, 2009

KQED Presents: Saving the Bay on October 8th

Image courtesy of KQED

From the Gold Rush to the Golden Gate Bridge, and through World’s Fairs and World Wars, San Francisco Bay has been central to the identity of one of the world’s leading economic, academic, recreational, and cultural regions. KQED announces an unprecedented look at the storied history of San Francisco Bay with Saving the Bay (www.kqed.org/savingthebay), four one-hour episodes tracing the Bay from its geologic origins following the last Ice Age, through years of catastrophic exploitation, to the restoration efforts of today. Narrated by famed actor and environmentalist Robert Redford, Saving the Bay premieres Thursdays, October 8 and 15, from 8 to 10pm on KQED 9HD.

Narrated by Robert Redford and shot in HDTV, Saving the Bay is a lively and timely public television series about one of America’s greatest natural resources — San Francisco Bay — and how a community rallied to save this once endangered body of water. The series consists of four one-hour episodes focusing on the geological, cultural and developmental history of San Francisco Bay and the larger northern California watershed from the Sierra Nevada mountains to the Farallon Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

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