Thursday, September 10, 2009

San Francisco Better Market Street Project - Give YOUR Feedback!

San Francisco Better Market Street project will initiate a 6-to-12-month series of trials starting in September 2009, including an integrated package of landscaping, sidewalk cafes and storefront improvements, transit improvements, street and traffic improvements, and other physical improvements that are iterative and are regularly monitored and refined as needed. The project team will work with community partners, including BOMA San Francisco, to gather on-the-ground data that will inform the desired improvements for Market Street and other streets serving surrounding districts and neighborhoods.

Here is your opportunity to offer your perspective on what works and what needs to be improved or changed during the trial period. As a BOMA San Francisco member and commercial real estate professional, your perspective will inform both immediate operational decisions and the longer-term vision for Market Street and surrounding areas.

Please send your thoughts to:
  • Call 311 or log onto
  • Twitter: by typing 'd sf311' first before sending private Twitter message to 311
  • Send an email to
  • Comment on the Market Street Facebook page (coming soon).
Please click here for more information on the San Francisco Better Market Street Project.

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