Monday, March 1, 2010

San Francisco 'Leeds' Major Cities for LEED-EB Certified Buildings

Please take a moment to review the graph, above, produced by Steven Ring, Director of Client Solutions with Cushman & Wakefield and a member of BOMA San Francisco Board of Directors.

As you can see, San Francisco 'leeds' all major metropolitan cities in USGBC LEED-EB Certified Buildings as of March 1, 2010.  Congratulations to all BOMA San Francisco members who have increased the energy efficiently and environmental sustainability of their existing buildings by pursuing LEED Certification.  Indeed, while it is relatively easier to design and build a new building to LEED standards, it can be a challenge to take an existing building to that level.  It is certainly doable, but it requires a committed owner/investor, some capital expenditure, effective implementation by the property management team, supportive vendors, and tenants who are willing to change some of their behaviors to help sustain the environment.

BOMA 360 Performance Program

Please take a moment to review the new BOMA 360 Performance Program, a groundbreaking new program designed to validate and recognize commercial properties that demonstrate best practices in all major areas of building operations and management, by clicking here. A BOMA 360 Performance Building designates that a property is being managed to the highest standards of excellence.

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