Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BOMA San Francisco Government and Public Affairs Committee - BOMA California Legislative Update

Matthew Hargrove (in blue) our tireless advocate BOMA California in Sacramento

BOMA San Francisco Members:

Matthew Hargrove, Sr. Vice President of Government Affairs for BOMA California updated the BOMA San Francisco Government and Public Affairs Committee members on October 13, 2010 on their efforts to protect the commercial real estate industry from egregious public policy at the state level in Sacramento.

Please click here to view the BOMA California Legislative Summary for 2010 and here for BOMA California's 2010 Election Preview for California propositions and candidates for elected office.

BOMA California - The Voice of Commercial Real Estate in California

BOMA California preserves and promotes the interest of California commercial real estate professionals through legislative and regulatory advocacy in Sacramento.  BOMA California is a federation of all eight metropolitan BOMA local associations in California and serves as the collective membership's legislative and regulatory advocate.   

BOMA California was created in the 1980's when representatives from several metropolitan BOMA's found themselves in Sacramento at the same time, testifying on the same legislative issues affecting the commercial real estate industry. In an effort to have the industry speak with one unified voice, in a cost efficient manner and with greater authority, the leaders of several of the local associations decided to create BOMA California.

To date, BOMA California has been effective on a wide variety of issues including forced access by telecommunications companies, energy deregulation, split roll property taxes, mandatory statewide fire sprinkler retrofit requirements, toxic mold liability, enhanced disabled access requirements, and much, much more. 

The View of the Industry from Sacramento

Mr. Hargrove pointed out that the elected representatives in the California State Legislature are, in aggregate, left-leaning, and view the commercial real estate industry as an easy target for overbearing legislation that doesn't take into account how the industry operates.  "To the Legislature, we are the big bad commercial real estate industry" stated Mr. Hargove.  Due to their lack of understanding of the industry, California's elected officials do not consider the subcategories of real estate industry, (i.e., commercial, industrial, etc.), but view it in only two ways: residential and non-residential.  The lack of distinction that is inherent within most legislation lends credence to the need for BOMA California, and the hard work that Mr. Hargrove does for the industry.

The Legislative Process 

The legislative process at the State Capitol can give even the most seasoned advocate a serious case of heartburn. Mr. Hargrove stated that about 2000-2500 bills are introduced every legislative session and each one has to be read and analyzed by BOMA California to measure its potential impact to the California commercial real estate industry. In addition, each bill is, on average, amended 5 times as it travels through the various committees in both the Senate and the Assembly, and possibly to the Governor's desk.

BOMA San Francisco is a proud member of BOMA California. We appreciate the Matthew Hargrove's tireless efforts on behalf of the commercial real estate industry in California, and we always look forward to working with him.

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