Monday, October 25, 2010

City of San Francisco Implements New Rapid Entry Lock Box Program

BOMA San Francisco Members:

The San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) has implemented a new upgraded lock box system for San Francisco building owners.  The TRACcess lock box solution will provide the San Francisco Fire Department with a more effective and secure way to gain access to local businesses during unattended business hours.  This greatly enhances Fire Department response for false alarm, and/or actual fire, reducing potential building damage and waiting for building keys to arrive.  After a thorough search for a specific lock box solution that provides the greatest security, access control and access tracking, SFFD selected the TRACcess system from UTC Fire & Security Corp.

TRACcess system benefits
  • UL Listed lock box – TRAC-Vault
  • Only the Fire Department has the keys used to access the lock box (TRACkey), which are PIN coded, and can be deactivated to prevent any issue of a lost or misplaced key
  • TRACkeys record the time/date of access, allowing building owners to know when their lock box was accessed.
  • Variety of mounting/security options for building owner preference
  • When responding to alarms, the SFFD dispatch center alerts responding apparatus where a lock box is installed for quick access.
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