Thursday, October 7, 2010

Luminous Egress Path Markings

BOMA San Francisco Members:

A number of BOMA San Francisco Members, while agreeing that there may be merit in having luminescent lighting in stairwells and other areas of egress, have wondered what the code requirements for luminescent lighting are. So, an inquiry was made to the San Francisco Fire Marshal, Barbara Schultheis.

According to our local fire marshal, 'luminous egress path markings' (CA Bldg Code, Section 1024, and 4604.23) are not required to be installed in existing high-rise buildings in San Francisco, but only in new high-rise buildings submitted for building permit after January 1, 2011. All other luminous egress path marking installations are completely voluntary.

BOMA San Francisco members should understand this distinction when meeting with manufacturer's reps advertising these products. For further information, contact San Francisco Fire Marshal Barbara Schultheis at (415) 558-3320 or via email at

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