Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Helping Downtown Prepare For Emergencies Earns BOMA San Francisco Top Award

John Bozeman, Legislative Assistant with BOMA San Francisco and Peter Franklin, 2010 chair of BOMA San Francisco's Emergency Preparedness Committee

BOMA San Francisco Members:

The next time San Francisco has a major critical incident like an earthquake, a hazardous materials spill, a major crime or any other emergency, workers, shoppers, visitors and residents will be much better able to handle it, thanks to BOMA San Francisco's Emergency Preparedness Committee which just received an "excellence" award for its work.

The Business Recovery Managers Association (BRMA), made up of top corporate planning and business recovery emergency professionals, recognized BOMA for instituting a host of programs to help The City withstand major urban trauma.

Specifically, BOMA’s voluntary Emergency Preparedness Committee has conducted numerous critical incident management workshops and training exercises to help local business quickly and effectively respond and recover from an incident.   These activities assist BOMA San Francisco members educate the thousands of small business tenants that reside in their buildings about a commercial leaseholders’ responsibility to be prepared for an emergency.  They include:
  • Business recovery and legal liability workshops;
  • Workplace violence incident training;
  • Earthquake preparedness drill to protect building occupants;
  • Developed city-wide emergency reaction programs, formed close working relationships with all relevant public/private sector agencies, trained scores of people and authored preparedness materials to help save lives.
“Emergency preparedness depends heavily on open communication, protocol, adaptability and cross-pollination of information resources with other emergency preparedness associations like BRMA,” said Peter Franklin, chair of BOMA’s Emergency Preparedness Committee.

Please click here to view BOMA San Francisco's Emergency Preparedness Committee website for more information on what this dynamic group of BOMA members have accomplished in 2010.

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