Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Title 24 Survey: Egress Lighting Controls

BOMA San Francisco Members:

The California Utilities’ Statewide Codes and Standards Team is working to achieve the energy efficiency goals set forth by the Governor and state agencies.  The utilities have contracted with Heschong Mahone Group (HMG) to develop proposed changes to California’s Energy Code (Title 24 Part 6) for commercial buildings for 2011.

As part of this effort, the California Public Utilities Commission is gathering input from industry, designers and other stakeholders on the potential for requiring egress lighting controls to be installed in most commercial buildings under Title 24.  These controls would shut off the egress lighting when the building is unoccupied, i.e., overnight and/or at weekends.

The survey asks you about your professional experience with egress lighting controls.  Your input is essential to inform the technical feasibility of the proposed code change, so if you can spare 10-20 minutes to review and respond to these questions, we would greatly appreciate your time.  Please click here for a link to an informative memo that summarizes the existing codes and standards context for egress controls, the available technologies, and initial proposed Title 24 code language.

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