Friday, January 28, 2011

Leading the Charge: BOMA San Francisco Member is the First Class A High Rise With Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in San Francisco

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BOMA San Francisco Members:

Post Montgomery Center is proud to be the first Class A high rise in San Francisco with Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations.  Two Electric Vehicle Charging stations have been installed in the parking garage that are capable of fully recharging 4 vehicles simultaneously in only 4 hours.

Electric vehicles are becoming a popular option for car drivers, with new models being launched by several major car manufacturers over the next few years.  The new vehicle models offer superior performance, extended range, and attractive financing and rebates which make them a realistic and sensible choice.  Additionally, infrastructure for refueling of these cars is being encouraged with national funding for the ChargePoint America project administered by Coulomb Technologies, one of the leaders in modern Electrical Vehicle charging technology.

With the installation of the Coulomb Technologies ChargePoint stations in the garage, Post Montgomery Center is actively participating in the effort to reduce emissions, improve overall health, and reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign fuels.  Post Montgomery Center has consistently taken a proactive approach to conservation, environmental protection, energy efficiency, and sustainable practices, and we are extremely excited to be on the forefront of this socially responsible alternative to fossil fuels.

Congratulations to Jose Guevara, Property Manager with Cushman & Wakefield, and the entire Cushman and Wakefield management team for leading the charge!

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