Monday, April 4, 2011

Keep jobs in San Francisco: Please contact your Supervisor

BOMA San Francisco Members:

We need your help to revitalize mid-Market Street and bring jobs to San Francisco, please contact your supervisor today. Tomorrow, the Board of Supervisors will consider legislation to create a six-year payroll tax exclusion for new employees within the Mid-Market/Tenderloin neighborhood. This is an opportunity for San Francisco to keep a major local business that provides thousands of jobs,and a way to invest in a neighborhood that everyone agrees is very much in need.

The Central Market/Tenderloin Payroll Tax Exclusion,sponsored by Mayor Edwin Lee, Board of Supervisors President David Chiu, Supervisors Jane Kim, Mark Farrell, Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, and Carmen Chu, will promote job growth and provide more economic opportunity for local businesses. This will mean millions more in payroll taxes to the City that will help save critical City services that are being slashed because of the budget deficit.

This important legislation has earned a rare combination of support from labor, business and local community groups. For the list of supporters, click here.

This week is the best opportunity to make this a reality. Let the Board of Supervisors know that we need more jobs in San Francisco, not delays. This legislation is a chance to make that happen, so please take a moment to contact the Board of Supervisors now to let them know that you support keeping jobs, businesses, and economic opportunities here in San Francisco.

Join us and help continue our economic recovery!

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