Wednesday, September 21, 2011

San Francisco Transportation Plan - Project Update

BOMA San Francisco Members:

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) is roughly halfway through the process of updating the San Francisco Transportation Plan (SFTP), the city’s plan to identify goals, needs and investment priorities for our transportation system over the next 25 years. During the first phase they determined what transportation conditions would be like in San Francisco in 2035 if the City didn't plan any improvements to accommodate the expected growth in residents and jobs. Take a peek at what San Francisco’s future would look like under current trends.

Last month the SFCTA completed the second phase of the plan. They started by setting ambitious transportation-related targets for the year 2035 related to each of the following concerns: economic competitiveness, livability, world-class infrastructure and healthy environment. For example, the livability target was to have transit, walking and biking make up the majority of trips in S.F. in 2035.
With these priorities in mind, they then created an “aspirational scenario” around each target. These scenarios are highly visionary sets of potential transportation projects, with an unlimited budget, that aim to reach the targets described above. Many of the projects suggested recently by the public during our first “call for projects” were incorporated into the aspirational scenarios. To learn more about each scenario, including the targets and whether we achieved our targets, click on the following links:

What's next?

THE SFCTA's next step will be to analyze the transportation performance of the various projects in the aspirational scenarios. Based on this analysis they will develop two or three realistic packages of projects (“alternatives”) for the public to weigh in on. These alternatives will be “financially constrained,” meaning that the City could afford them based on expected revenues for transportation over the next 25 years.

BOMA San Francisco member and the public at large can define the alternatives by filling out this brief survey. This survey asks about your transportation concerns and preference for different types of projects.

Second call for projects

As mentioned above, the aspirational scenarios incorporated many projects suggested by the public during the first call for projects. Because the SFCTA has not yet defined the realistic alternatives, they are having a second call for projects, to give you another opportunity to suggest transportation projects. To suggest a project, complete this form or send an email to Before you do so, they encourage you to review the projects that were submitted by the public during the first call for projects.

For more information

There are several other ways to find out more about the SFTP, especially about the work done to date:
Attend one of our two upcoming webinars: Thursday, October 6 or Wednesday, October 12 from 12-1. (Click on a date to register.) 

Visit the SFTP website:

Send an email to or call the project hotline at (415) 593-1670 to request a presentation to your community group, or to submit a question or comment.

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