Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BOMA's Guide to the New ADA Standards is Now Available

BOMA San Francisco Members:

The Guide to the 2010 ADA Standards, brought to you by BOMA International, who "wrote the book" on ADA compliance 20 years ago, is a follow–up to BOMA’s groundbreaking 1991 ADA Compliance Guidebook: A Checklist for Your Building, the 1992 ADA Answer Book and the BOMA ADA Compliance System, and the 2003 Guide to ADA & Accessibility Regulations.

BOMA’s new ADA Guidebook is the most up–to–date and comprehensive analysis of the new ADA regulations, unmatched by anything else in the marketplace. The Guidebook helps property professionals understand and implement the revised Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) design standards implementing Title III of the ADA, adopted by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2010.

The Guide to the 2010 ADA Standards includes updated requirements for accessible routes and a variety of building elements, including employee work spaces, restrooms, reach ranges, sales and service counters, stairways, telephones, special rooms and spaces, recreation facilities and much more.

Important – ADA Compliance Deadline Coming in March

After March 15, 2012, new construction and alterations are required to comply with the 2010 ADA Standards. Don’t be taken by surprise. Act now to ensure you’re ADA compliant.

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