Saturday, September 10, 2011

UPDATE: BOMA Defeats AB 350 in Unprecedented Vote

BOMA San Francisco Members:

UPDATE - September 10, 2011

Great news from Rex Hime and Matthew Hargrove, our lobbyists with BOMA California in Sacramento!

AB 350, the measure that required employees to be retained for 90 days even when the vendor company providing service to your building is dismissed went down to defeat – not once, not twice but five times in the wee hours of Saturday.  Proponents finally conceded defeat.

This is a historic victory that positioned the business community, led by CBPA and the Chamber, against the most powerful public employee union in the country – the SEIU. There will be more details to follow but kudos to our lobbyist Matthew Hargrove and his California Chamber of Commerce partner as well as the public affairs firm financed by BOMA California -  BCF Public Affairs. The 20 newspaper editorials around the state espousing our position were a tremendous help. And huge kudos for all the local involvement from members around the state who made phone calls, sent letters and had meetings with elected officials.

At 12:59 a.m. this morning, on an unprecedented 7th vote in the past two days, AB 350 (Solorio) was defeated as one of the final acts of the California Senate’s 2011 Legislative Year.

The bill died on a bipartisan vote, 17 ayes – 18 noes (21 needed to pass).

This was one of the hardest fought battles of the end of this Session.

Please send a personal note of “thanks” now to any office for which you made a personal contact is encouraged.  Thank all of YOU for the hard work you put into this effort.  Many people, companies, real estate and business groups, as well as a few non-business organizations worked together to defeat this bill.  This would not have happened without such a large organized mobilization as well as the high profile media coverage the coalition was able to generate.

A special thank you to Jennifer Barrera at the CalChamber is deserved, as she not only employed her legal skills on analysis of the bill and case law, but also tenaciously worked the bill on our behalf in the Halls of the Capitol from last April until the bitter end last night.


UPDATE  - September 7, 2011

BOMA California's attempt to halt passage of AB 350 is facing it's most critical moment in legislative process:  BOMA and a host of other associations and groups are sending an 11th hour letter to all state Senators before their highly probable final floor vote that can happen at anytime in the near-term.

BOMA needs one more 'no' vote from a Democratic Party Senator to end this measure's ascension to Governor Jerry Brown's desk. Please contact your Democratic California State Senator to let them know of your opposition to AB 350 and to ask them to VOTE NO.


UPDATE - August 26, 2011

Major daily newspapers up and down the state are urging the Legislature to defeat AB 350. It seems the rhetoric used to push the bill is as transparent to them as it is to people in our industry, and the bill is being called everything from “perverse” to “frivolous” to “just plain wrong.”

The SF Chronicle is one of the latest to blast the bill, “Jerry Brown should veto union job-protection bill.”

Click here to see all the newspapers editorials opposing this bad bill.


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