Wednesday, September 7, 2011

UPDATE: AB 350 - Are You Kidding Me? Help BOMA Defeat This Measure!


BOMA San Francisco Members:

UPDATE  - September 7, 2011

BOMA California's attempt to halt passage of AB 350 is facing it's most critical moment in legislative process:  BOMA and a host of other associations and groups are sending an 11th hour letter to all state Senators before their highly probable final floor vote that can happen at anytime in the near-term.

BOMA needs one more 'no' vote from a Democratic Party Senator to end this measure's ascension to Governor Jerry Brown's desk. Please contact your Democratic California State Senator to let them know of your opposition to AB 350 and to ask them to VOTE NO.


UPDATE - August 26, 2011

Major daily newspapers up and down the state are urging the Legislature to defeat AB 350. It seems the rhetoric used to push the bill is as transparent to them as it is to people in our industry, and the bill is being called everything from “perverse” to “frivolous” to “just plain wrong.”

The SF Chronicle is one of the latest to blast the bill, “Jerry Brown should veto union job-protection bill.”

Click here to see all the newspapers editorials opposing this bad bill.


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