Monday, May 11, 2009

Coming this November to a Ballot Box Near You: The Road Repair and Safety Improvements Bond

The San Francisco electorate will have the opportunity to cast their vote for the Road Repair and Safety Improvement Bond this November. The $368 million general obligation bond--originally tagged at $309 million--will be allocated to improve the city's streets and related infrastructure. Specifically, the bond proposal, if passed, will include:
  • Street Repair and Rehabilitation ($209 million) to repair, reconstruct and perform preventative maintenance on approximately 1,692 street segments. These funds will be used to increase the average Pavement Condition Index (PCI)--70 is the minimum passing grade--which is currently at 64, to 67 in 5 years and 69 in 10 years. Note: $40 million is the amount spent annually by the city for street repairs from the general fund;
  • Streetscape Improvements ($93 million) to implement approximately 65 streetscape improvement projects citywide. Streetscape projects will be chosen using a defined prioritization criteria. Projects that stem from current area plans or other community plans will be prioritized;
  • Street Structures Repair and Replacement ($24.9 million) to repair and improve aging street infrastructure including bridges, guardrails, tunnels, viaducts, retaining walls and stairways;
  • ADA Curb Ramp Installation and Construction ($30.6 million) to construct and install approximately 4,426 curb ramps citywide;
  • Sidewalk Repair (~$10.1 million) to repair and improve 1.1 million square feet of city owned damaged sidewalk;
  • Bond Oversight ($ 0.3 million) for bond oversight and accountability.
The proposed bond measure will have a 20 year maturity, which is also the length of road service life.

Your BOMA San Francisco Advocacy Team will be reviewing the Road Repair and Safety Improvement Bond and will post BOMA's position on the measure in the near future. Stay tuned!

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