Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Supervisor Bevan Dufty at the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

Image retrieved from Supervisor Dufty's website.

Supervisor Bevan Dufty spoke at the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce today about a number of issues that the Board of Supervisors are working on. Here are the highlights:

Muni Budget Battle
  • The "police got greedy" with their cut of the Muni budget ($19 million) to patrol the buses.
  • An estimated $11 million a year is lost due to fare evasion (click here for BOMA San Francisco's take on the issue).
  • If you call 311 for transit information, the charge to Muni is $1.96 per call, or approximately $6 million a year. Supervisor Dufty is working with the controller's office to find a solution.
  • There is lack of maneuverability with the Muni budget (e.g., the requirement that Muni drivers be paid--at minimum--the second highest salary of public-transit operators in the United States).
SFPD - Public Safety & Crime
  • Public Safety & Crime is a serious issue for Supervisor Dufty.
  • The Ingleside District Police Station is a model for how to restructure other police stations in the city, as well as the police department as a whole.
  • The San Francisco Police Department is behind the times, technologically speaking, and should be brought up to modern standards.
  • The Supervisor favors the internal promotion of the next Police Chief.
  • SFPD is young: 50% or more of the police force has 10 or less years of service.
Formula Retail
  • Supervisor Dufty supports conditional use for 'formula retail' (i.e., chain stores), but opposes outright bans of these types of businesses.
Future Ambitions
  • Supervisor Dufty is running for Mayor in 2011.

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