Wednesday, May 20, 2009

UPDATE: Automobile Restrictions on Market Street?

As we had previously blogged in March, the San Francisco Transportation Authority is in the process of producing a Strategic Analysis Report (SAR) to investigate options for restricting automobiles (not a full ban) on Market Street from the Embarcadero to Van Ness Avenue (a map of which can be viewed here).

A draft of the SAR or, "Transit Options for a Better Market Street," released Tuesday, is now available here. You can also read about this issue in today's Chronicle where your very own Ken Cleaveland, BOMA's Director of Government Affairs, is quoted:

Representatives from influential business organizations in San Francisco said Tuesday that City Hall is taking the right approach.

"When you talk about remaking Market Street, you need to wade into the pool, not dive into it," said Ken Cleveland, director of government affairs for the Building Owners and Managers Association of San Francisco.

He said it's important for the city to thoroughly analyze each change to make sure that businesses don't suffer and that traffic problems aren't shifted to adjacent streets.

According to the SFMTA, the next steps for SAR adoption are as follows:
  • Present this draft as an information item at SFMTA's next Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting on Wednesday, May 26, 6-8pm;
  • Revise and present the final report as an ACTION item at the CAC meeting on June 24, 6-8pm;
  • Present the final report as an ACTION item at the Finance Committee (Commissioner Daly, who requested the SAR, sits on this committee) meeting on Tuesday, July 14, at 11:00am;
  • Present the final report as an ACTION item at the Authority Board meeting on Tuesday, July 28, at 11:00am.
The SFMTA welcomes your feedback on the SAR throughout this process, particularly if you can send it to them before June 15th so they can incorporate your suggestions into the final document in time for the June CAC meeting.

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